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A plastic cigarette case is a square or rectangular box made of PP plastic or ABS plastic or a degradable material that is specifically designed to hold cigarettes. Compared with traditional paper cigarette packs, plastic cigarette packs are more durable and can effectively protect tobacco products from squeezing and moisture. Its moisture and waterproof properties help maintain the freshness of tobacco products. Plastic cigarette packs are easy to process and print, providing tobacco brands or individual smokers with more diverse design options to display a specific brand’s logo, pattern or advertising. This helps with branding and marketing. Some plastic cigarette packs have a transparent or translucent design, which helps consumers check the amount of smoke and the status of the smoke. Lightweight and easy to carry, plastic cigarette packs are favored in some markets.

Plastic cigarette boxes have many different styles and characteristics, which are often related to the nature and processing technology of plastic materials. Here are some possible styles and features:

Transparent or translucent plastic cigarette case:

This transparent plastic cigarette case is made of transparent PP plastic material, 1.5mm thick thickness, which can better protect your cigarettes from being damaged, moisture-proof, washable, safe and sanitary. This transparent plastic cigarette case has a thick soft clamshell style, the weight is about 12.7g, the size is 56.3*24.2*89.4mm; Transparent soft sliding cover, a single weight of about 14.5g, size 56.3*24.2*91mm; Transparent hard clamshell, a single weight of 15.8g, the size of 59.3*27.2*92mm. The picture is as follows:


Creative texture Plastic Cigarette case:

The creative texture plastic cigarette case is characterized by its unique design and texture, attracting the attention of consumers through artistic patterns, special texture materials and three-dimensional design elements. This cigarette case pays attention to color matching and light effect, through the stripe design, matte finish and other creative methods, to give the cigarette case a unique visual and tactile characteristics. The following creative texture plastic cigarette case can be a good drop to show the artistic elements of the cigarette case. At the same time, we can also produce a variety of textures for you.


Color powder plastic cigarette case:

Color powder plastic cigarette case using transparent acrylic injection molding process, weight 34g, size 92mm*27mm*60mm. Of course, you can also customize the right size for your brand of cigarettes. Color powder plastic cigarette box stands out with its colorful appearance characteristics, the use of color powder coating process, so that the cigarette box presents a vivid, glossy appearance. This special coating gives the cigarette case a smooth touch, increased visual comfort, and wear resistance to keep the appearance beautiful for a long time. The design of the color powder plastic cigarette case is highly customized, and we can make innovative designs according to brand needs or market trends.


Rainbow plastic cigarette case:

The rainbow-colored plastic cigarette case is made of ABS+ stainless steel material, weighs 65g, and measures 11.5*6cm. The rainbow color plastic cigarette box is a secondary process on the plastic cigarette box, such as spraying different colors, electroplating gold and silver and other processes, making the entire cigarette box more beautiful and fashionable. The rainbow color plastic cigarette box is characterized by its colorful design, which can arouse the interest of consumers, enhance the shopping experience of users, and make the product stand out in the market competition. Secondly, the personalized appearance brought by the rainbow hue helps to enhance the recognition of the tobacco brand, making it more recognizable. The flexibility and customizability of the manufacturer in the design allows the rainbow color plastic cigarette case to adapt to different brand needs and market trends, forming a unique market differentiation.


Personalized pattern plastic cigarette case:

Customized patterned plastic cigarette boxes can print different patterns on the cigarette box to achieve the presentation of brand image, cultural elements or special themes, so as to establish a deeper brand story and emotional connection. This pattern printing generally uses UV optical printing or water transfer printing and other processes to flexibly meet consumers’ pursuit of unique products, but also provides an effective tool for brands to stand out in the fierce market competition. Through continuous innovation and customized selection, plastic cigarette boxes are not only the packaging of tobacco products, but also become the carrier of brand communication, leading the market trend. Grandshine can customize a variety of plastic cigarette cases for you.


Cigarette lighter Plastic cigarette case:

Cigarette lighter plastic cigarette case is a kind of plastic tobacco packaging that integrates the function of cigarette lighter, and has the characteristics of portability and practicality. This type of cigarette box is embedded with a rechargeable cigarette lighter device, so that users do not need additional fire source, easy to light cigarettes, to solve the pain point of users forgetting to carry cigarette lighter. This plastic cigarette case is made of lightweight and durable acrylic, transparent and stylish, and is well resistant to moisture, water and squeeze, providing consumers with a convenient smoking experience. In addition, Grandshine can customize the printing of your plastic cigarette case to display a specific brand’s logo, pattern or advertisement, which helps with branding and marketing.


The above are different and similar plastic cigarette boxes that we have organized for you. If you like any kind of plastic cigarette boxes or want to customize your brand of plastic cigarette boxes, Grandshine can provide you with professional customized production solutions for plastic cigarette boxes.

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