GE2 AI Bluetooth Smart Sunglass

GE2 AI Bluetooth Smart Sunglass adopts new technology and unique design. It is a smart glasses that combines smart Bluetooth audio headphones and sunglasses. GE2 AI Bluetooth Smart Sunglass is an AI intelligent Bluetooth audio glasses optimized from ordinary sunglasses. It has the features of lightweight, comfortable, intelligent, safe and wake-up voice assistant. It can not only protect your eyes under the sun, but also provide you with surround-music enjoyment.

You may be used to wearing in-ear headphones and sunglasses when exercising, climbing, driving, cycling or walking. However, in-ear headphones may bring you a lot of potential risks when exercising outdoors, such as not hearing the alarm of emergency outside or traffic accidents because you are too immersed in the music of in-ear headphones. In addition, many sunglasses lens material deformation and bending, UV protection is not strong enough, see things distorted, the experience is very bad, which will bring you eye damage and safety accidents. So you need a pair of multi-functional Bluetooth smart glasses.

This GE2 AI Bluetooth Smart Sunglass will be more practical and sound better than others. We use anti-impact ABS environmental protection materials, no pungent smell, harmless to human body. The lens adopts anti-blue and anti-ultraviolet lens. The interior of the eyeglass frame is designed with wireless Bluetooth connection, 2 sets of 90mah polymer batteries, 4 sets of surround sound speakers and HD microphones, providing you with satisfactory sunglasses and enjoying music needs. GE2 AI Bluetooth Smart Sunglass can provide you with unexpected surprise and satisfaction.

GE2 AI Bluetooth Smart Sunglass

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GE2 AI Bluetooth Smart Sunglasses features:
)Environmental protection materials, health and safety
)Anti-blue and anti-ultraviolet lens
)4 sets of surround sound speakers
)Bluetooth Earphone and sunglasses combination



GE2 AI Bluetooth Smart Sunglass













Sounds Channel:

Double horn + stereo sound

Frame Size:L*H(mm)


Lug handle size:L(mm)




Last Standby:


Charging Time:



Music、Calling, Navigation



anti-ultraviolet :


Music Time(100% Volume):



Here’s all the information you care about AI smart Bluetooth audio glasses
Please see the product description below. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us by email or Whatsapp.

 GE2 AI Bluetooth smart sunglasses manual:

Product model

Bluetooth smart glasses, this product is Bluetooth glasses with stereo function, easy to operate, easy to carry.

Product parameters and characteristics



Bluetooth version:


Playing time:


Charging time:


Battery capacity:

90mAh on the left and right sides

Charging voltage and curret:



Dual speakers,streo

Distance of connection:


Compatible with major brands of mobile phones and tablets and other Bluetooth devices.

Support AAC audio decoding technology to achieve CD-level sound quality.

Right and left speakers, real stereo sound

Packing list

②Glasses bag
③wiping cloth

Operatinf lnstructions

AI Bluetooth Smart Sunglass

AI Bluetooth Smart Sunglass

1.Power On/Off

①Unplug the charger and automatically power on, then you can hear “Power on” and ” Paring”.

②Plug in the charger Bluetooth glasses automatically power off Or press the right leg of the glasses for 3 seconds when the device is powered on, then you can hear “Power off”.

2.Use the Hall Effect Swith to power on/off
① Unfold the legs of the glasses, and the earphones power on
automatically, then you can hear “Power on”.The red LEDs on the left and right legs began to flash. After connected, only one side flash red, and you can hear “Pairing”.
② Close the legs of the glasses and the headphones will automatically power off.

3.Pair Bluetooth and connect
① Open the left and right legs of the glasses, and the Bluetooth will start automatically with the prompt tone “Power on”
② When the glasses are powered on, the left and right legs of the glasses are automatically paired, the red light flashes, and you can hear the prompt tone “Pairing”.
③ Open the Bluetooth device to be Connected (such as mobile phone,MP3 player, computer, etc.)
④ You can find the name of the device :GS-09, click and Connectand you can hear the prompt tone “Connected”.

lf it hasn’t been paired before, after power on, it will automatically enterthe pairing state; When there is a pairing record, the last used mobile phone will be connected automatically when the phone is turned on..
You can hear the prompt tone “Connected” after successful connection; If you Disconnected from your phone, the tone”Disconnected “is displayed.

4.Play music
Music play/pause, click the button of the right glasses leg

5.The voice assistant
Double-click the button of the right glasses leg to start voice assistant.

6.Make a phone call
① Answer the call, click the button once.
② Hang up the phone, click the button once.
③ Refuse a call: Press the button for 1.5 seconds.

①Low battery Alert, The “Battery Low” tone is displayed every five minutes.
② Power off because of low battery, and you can hear the tone”power off”.
③When charging, the indicator light is always red; After charge finished, red light off.


①Please read the instructions carefully before using the product and keep the instructions.
② Please fully charge the product for the first time.
③If the product is not charged for a long time (more than two weeks), please charge it before use.
④ The dirtylens should not be wiped directly, the lens should be wet, and then dry with glasses cloth. Try to use suede and strong
absorbent glasses cloth gently wipe clean, be careful not to rub too hard.When wiping, the cloth should be wiped in the same direction not back and forth, and not in a circle on the lens.
⑤ When the battery temperature exceeds -10°C–50°Cthe product will stop working.

Matters needing attention
①Do not remove or repair or modify the product for any reason, otherwise it may cause fire, electronic breakdown or even complete damage to the product.
② Do not put the device in an environment where the temperature is too low or too high (below -10 Cor above 50C).
③ Do not wet or soak the product in the liquid.
④ Glasses can not be placed in the sun for a long time exposure otherwise easy to deformation, aging, broken.
⑤ Do not put the magnetic end of the charging cable close to a
metal object to prevent short circuit caused by magnetic attraction of the metal object

Important Safety Information
Use of power supplies, chargers or batteries not approved by the manufacturer may cause fire, explosion or other hazards.
Please use accessories approved by this manufacturer and compatible with this type of device.
The device uses a built-in battery that cannot be removed. Do not replace the battery to avoid damage to the battery or the device.
lf the charging is complete, disconnect the charger from the device and unplug the charger from the power socket. The continuous charging time should not exceed 12 hours.
Do not remove, bump, squeeze, or throw the battery into the fire. lf the battery is severely expanded, do not use it.
To avoid hearing damage, do not use a high volume for a long time.

Please comply with relevant laws and regulations, and do not use in the following environments:

Do not use the product in places where flammable and explosive gasoline or chemicals are stored, such as gas stations, oil depots, and chemical warehouses.
Do not use the device in hospital operating room, emergency room, intensive treatment department and other places. To avoid interfering with the operation of medical devices, keep the device away from medical devices such as pacemakers, hearing AIDS, and cochlear
implants. Keep a distance of more than 15cm between the device and the pacemaker.
To use this product near personal medical devices, consult your physician and device manufacturer.
Please follow all safety warnings and regulations regarding the use of this product while driving.
To avoid lightning strikes, do not use it outdoors during thunderstorms.
Do not use the charger in the bathroom or other places with high humidity.Otherwise, electric shock, personal injury, fire and charger damage may occur.
Please comply with the relevant laws and regulations that explicitly prohibit use in any environment.

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