Smart Wine Dispenser Machine 5L

Smart wine dispenser machine is a new retail platform for embedded interactive marketing based on the concept of big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things and 5G technology.

For consumers, they can purchase as much wine as they want from the Smart wine dispenser machine according to their actual needs, so they don’t have to worry about the waste of drinking and the embarrassment of not enough to drink.

For the winery, can omit a lot of logistics turnover and packaging, winery until the table, reduce the drawbacks of the traditional agent level sales, greatly reduce the cost of wine to benefit consumers. it can expand the influence of the brand.

For restaurant operators, the Smart wine dispenser machine solves the problem of bringing your own alcohol and charging corkage fees. The tasting function allows consumers to taste before deciding whether to buy, which not only brings in customer traffic but also increases the restaurant’s revenue.

The new retail mode of wine industry can be reconstructed through the functions of consumers’ self-service wine purchase by scanning code and instant account distribution in the background of the system, so as to empower wineries and traditional winemakers and realize “wineries directly supply tables”. Mainly used in restaurants, leisure clubs, bars and other scenes

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Why Choose Smart Wine Dispenser Machine?
) Large capacity wine container packaging, RFID anti-counterfeiting to prevent counterfeit wine
) Users drink according to the actual demand, intelligent and convenient.
) The income is delivered to the account in real time, and the agent has no inventory pressure
) ISO9001:2015 and ISO14004:2015 Quality System and BSCI social audit certificate.
) You can custom your own products from Grandshine.




Capacity of wine tank:


Transmission of data:



Base station location, real-time viewing equipment (online, area, capacity, power)



Working hours:


Method of Use:

You don’t need to download an APP to scan for wine

Size of product:

Length 41.5cm* Width 17cm* height 40cm

Product Configuratione:

Food grade wine pump, food grade solenoid valve, Internet of Things intelligent module, high-precision flow control module, energy storage device, charging power supply, AI microcomputer control center, etc


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Why does the market need a smart wine machine?

Self-service wine machines, there are large equipment, tabletop equipment, whole bottle equipment and distributed equipment. Tabletop equipment is a kind of self-service liquor selling equipment.

The wine consumption market has huge potential, and the Smart wine dispenser machine makes the “new retail” from the concept to the reality. Intelligent wine vending machine embedded scene interactive consumption mode, in line with the modern pursuit of healthy life concept. Consumers can scan code to pay according to the need to buy wine, affordable and convenient, drink healthily.

The new retail business model of Smart wine dispenser machine has the advantages of convenient management, easy operation and maintenance, strong replicability, and can be operated and maintained without too much effort. Both mobile phone operation system and PC management system background. Agents, salesmen, businesses, attendants can be convenient to operate. New users can scan the code to drink, to help the restaurant introduce customer flow, improve revenue flow. Restaurants can customize offers in the background of the system to activate users and stimulate more consumption

Smart wine dispenser machine makes it easier to sell and buy wine. With its own battery, it can be widely used in all types of offline catering, hot pot restaurants, restaurants, department stores, KTV and other places, realizing the wine from the manufacturer to consumers, eliminating fake wine and no middleman.

Compared with the traditional multi-level sales, the intelligent wine selling machine simplifies the supply chain from the winery to the consumer. Without the level markup, the cost performance of all kinds of wine will be better, benefiting the common people. Moreover, the intelligent wine selling machine visual management background system can let the winery, agents and other enjoy the resources brought by big data, adjust the layout of the market plan, obtain greater benefits of resources.

Smart wine dispenser machine Operation Logistic.

Scan the QR code of the wine selling machine equipment, enter the corresponding wine purchase page, purchase and pay the amount according to the quantity. After the payment is completed, the platform instruction is sent to the equipment through 4G network communication. After receiving the instruction, the equipment will automatically open the solenoid valve and start the water pump. You can press the device button to pause the process of wine production, and then press to continue wine production. After the wine is finished, the water pump and solenoid valve stop working, and the data is uploaded to the platform for recording through 4G network communication. The system realizes multi-level instant ledger division


Small restaurants, Chinese and Western restaurants, restaurants, hotels, barbecue, seafood stalls, bars, farmhouse and so on

Smart wine dispenser machine eight features:

1、The equipment is small in size, the placement position is not restricted, easy to move.

2、Using cloud system algorithm, the machine is smooth, not short of weight, so that customers have no concerns.

3、From the machine to the glass bottle are adopted environmental protection materials, health and safety, so that consumers can rest assured to drink wine

4、Built-in battery, 48 hours long battery life, easy to move, suitable for indoor and outdoor scenes.

5、GPS positioning is accurate, real-time check device status (online, area, capacity, electricity), lock the position of each machine, so that consumers can navigate to the store consumption through the small program.

6、RFID anti-counterfeiting, the wine bar is affixed with anti-counterfeiting code (anti-string goods, anti-counterfeiting), quality assurance, put an end to fake wine, so that customers can rest assured to drink.

7、Upgrade the panel, fashion silver polishing, winery merchants can customize the appearance of the panel according to their own brand needs, do brand promotion.

8、Support customization, functions and appearance can be customized according to their own needs

Intelligent wine selling machine enables the winery, breaks the pain point, establishes the industrial chain from factory to warehouse, warehouse to point, and opens up the market for the winery. Drinking wine on demand has subverted the traditional liquor retail and redefined the way people drink.

The wine is directly filled into the wine bottle and locked by the distillery, distributed to the agents in various cities, and then distributed to each restaurant by the agents, reducing a lot of packaging, turnover links and level sales, so that the wine is more cost-effective, people can spend less money to drink better wine. As a brand marketing tool of the winery, Smart wine dispenser machine has a great prospect in the future, is a new outlet of the new retail wine.

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