GE1 Ultra Slim 3 in 1 Fast Wireless Charger Stand

Grandshine GE1 Ultra Slim 3 in 1 Fast Wireless Charger Stand
GE1 is a stylish, durable, lightweight and versatile aluminum alloy 3-in-1 wireless charging stand launched by Grandshine. GE1 fast wireless charger stand can charge your mobile phone, iwatch and airpod earphone at the same time, solving the problems of multi-wire entangling and charging heat. This is a high-end aviation aluminum alloy creative wireless charging stand, bring you a different sense of artistic beauty.

Grandshine GE1 3-in-1 fast wireless charging stand is designed by German engineers and uses BPS power distribution technology to achieve efficient and fast charging. Pure copper coil and stable magnetic field can make your mobile phone charging to achieve fast induction, small consumption and fast charging effect. Built-in intelligent chip and heat monitoring system make the whole charging process efficient, stable and fast heat dissipation. GE1 slim fast wireless charger also designed with FOD test, over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, power protection and over-charging protection, so that your mobile phone can get a safe, stable and fast charging. The perfect line arc combined with ergonomic design is suitable for People’s Daily and office use.

The overall structure of GE1 fast wireless charger is made of high-quality aviation aluminum alloy materials. The overall product appearance adopts the glue assembly process to replace the screw drilling. Watch strong magnetic can well firm your watch charge and solve the problem of your watch loose and broken charge. The earphone charging platform is equipped with an advanced breathing atmosphere light. Blue light indicates that the charging is under way, green light indicates standby mode, and the blue and green flashes alternately indicate that foreign bodies are detected or the mobile phone is misplaced. Grandshine GE1 wireless charge lets you know when your phone is in a certain state through an atmosphere light. Let you say goodbye to the desktop data line bundled messy troubles.

Grandshine GE1 Ultra Slim 3 in 1 Fast Wireless Charger Stand

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Why Choose Grandshine GE1 Ultra Slim 3 in 1 Fast Wireless Charger Stand
)Ultra slim aviation aluminum alloy material
)18W fast wireless charging
)Charge phone iwatch and airpod simultaneously
)Best heat dissipation when charging
)QI CE FCC PSE certificate approved




Product Name:

3 in 1 fast wireless charger stand

Input Power :

For Phone 15W(Max)、For AIRPODS 3w、

For Apple Watch 2W

InPut Power:

Type-C interface


Aluminum Alloy

Included Components

Wireless Charge*1、Use Manual*1

Type-C Cable*1

Conversion Rate

>75%(Fast Charging)

Product Size

5.4*3.7*4.6 inch

Product Weight

6 oz

Custom MOQ:

100 pcs

Packaging options:

Box or custom retail box


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Please see the product description below. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us by email or Whatsapp

Why You Need GE1 Ultra Slim 3 in 1 Fast Wireless Charger Stand

Nowadays, with the development of technology, both mobile phone accessories and electronic products are constantly updated. You probably used a lot of data cables before you used a GE1 wireless charge, and you quickly discovered that the cables were prone to tangling and causing damage. Perhaps you have purchased wireless charger and have encountered the following problems:

1) The non-slip foot of the base of the wireless charger falls off due to unstable glue.

2) During charging, the mobile phone is hot, heat dissipation function is very poor and other adverse problems affect the service life of the mobile phone battery.

3) The magnetic suction of the watch wireless charging position is unstable and loose, which can not provide stable charging work for your watch.

4) The design of the support frame in the wireless charging position is too far down. These problems will not only bring inconvenience to your daily life, but also shorten the life of your smart phone devices.

After thousands of customer feedback and in-depth market research by Grandshine, we designed the GE1 slim aluminum 3-in-1 wireless charger stand. GE1 adopts aviation aluminum alloy integrated design, it is strong and durable. The arc of the appearance design has a beautiful artistic atmosphere. We adopts dispensing process for assembly instead of visible screw, which can make the visual effect of the product get a kind of extreme comfortable aesthetic experience. You can charge your phone by standing it up to 75 degrees vertically or by 75 degrees horizontally. Both modes allow you to check your phone’s information while charging.

We strengthen the magnet suction in watch charging position, which can solve your worry about the loose watch problem. The position of the earphone charging frame is equipped with breathing atmosphere light. Therefore, GE1 wireless charging stand can solve 5 problems for you:

*1) It can help you solve the trouble of traditional data cable confusion and knot, and provide you with a neat charging solution.

*2) The bottom of the bracket is reinforced with non-slip pads, which will not make your wireless charging bracket wobble on the desktop.

*3) The heat dissipation function of the GE1 has been greatly improved, so you don’t have to worry about the phone burning while charging and damaging the battery of your phone.

*4) The whole GE1 adopts thin aluminum alloy material, precision dispensing technology, and more beautiful appearance.

*5) Vertical 75° and horizontal 75° charging arrangement to meet your daily TV watching and office meeting requirements of a variety of angles.

*6) Using BPS power distribution technology, the three devices can be charged at the same time, to provide you with bracket charging 3 in 1 service.

Grandshine is a professional manufacturer of mobile phone accessories and wireless chargers

Grandshine can help you design and customize a variety of multi-functional durable protective smartphone accessories and multi-functional wireless charging stand to meet your market demand. You only need to share with us your existing market demand and the product function or appearance design you want to achieve. Our design team will help you analyze the structure of the product and turn your idea into a physical product. Grandshine can not only manufacture GE1 lightweight aluminum 3-in-1 wireless charging stand for you, but also customize and develop new designs products and technologies for you to obtain your own customized high-quality charging accessories.

 Grandshine GE1 Ultra Slim 3 in 1 Fast Wireless Charger Stand Advantages

1)The powerful magnetic force holds the watch in place

GE1 wireless charging stand enhance the force of magnetic absorption,it will not be like other wireless charging stand,watch get loose or magnetic instability,and the watch can not be charged normally.

2)Multi-functional design, three devices can be charged at the same time

GE1 aluminum alloy 3 and 1 wireless charging stand to achieve a multi-purpose function. It can help us to replace the complex and cluttered traditional data cable on the desktop, and discard the cluttered data charging cable on the desktop. GE1 can not only provide us with multiple functions, but also solve the hidden safety problems for our power supply.

3)Strong heat dissipation, 18W fast charging

We personally tested the heat dissipation function of GE1 wireless charging stand, and you would hardly find the problem of hot charging, even if three items were charged together at the same time, there would be no hot phenomenon. Because our aviation aluminum alloy material can allow the heat of the charge to be quickly dispersed, so GE1 is more powerful than other wireless charging heat dissipation technology. You don’t have to worry about charging hot issue when you have GE1 wireless charger stand.

4)BPS power distribution technology

Our technical team has adopted a new charging technology to build the GE1 wireless charger. Equipped with intelligent chip, using BPS power automatic distribution technology. Allows you to automatically and quickly assign appropriate power to your devices while charging your multiple products.

5)Thin aluminum alloy design

The exterior is made of thin aluminum alloy. This can not only make the GE1 wireless charging bracket both lightweight and convenient for daily use, but also make the whole wireless charging be more solid and strong and excellent heat dissipation function. GE1 has a strong anti-slip pads at the bottom, which can make GE1 wireless charging firmly stand on your desk or where you need to put it.

How To Custom Ultra Rugged Premium Case For Your Device

To Request a custom product from Grandshine, you must adhere to the following parameters. If youi want to print your logo or print pattern on products, please send us logo or pattern files, we can send you tendering before sampling. If you want to custom a new products, pls add custom product material: market area, sales channels,design idea, design drawing in CAD or STP or hand-draw sketch. MOQ must be honored . if you don’t have design drawing, pls share your sketch and design idea, our design team can hep you fullfill your design and custom mold for you and sign NDA .

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