G01-Nintendo Switch Protective Case

GG-G01-Nintendo Switch case is a new creative design case for your game console or other gaming device.
This GG-G01-Nintendo Switch game console protective case has been redesigned based on the feedback and opinions of thousands of customers to improve the design and optimize the scheme. It is soft, thin and wear-resistant. The design of the interface perfectly fits the protection of the game console itself, which is a great improvement!
You may have bought a Nintendo game console case before, which will deform for a long time, the product will turn yellow, the pattern is easy to cut flowers, cannot be charged with the battery case, does not fit the game console, and is not wear-resistant. When it is dropped or inadvertent friction occurs , this is no way to protect the screen of your beloved expensive game console and the internal accessories of the game console!
Among thousands of customers and merchants, 98% of customers praised and encouraged our Grandshine , GG-G01-Nintendo Switch protective case. He told us that they first felt this GG-G01-Nintendo Switch protective case. It’s just the word – like, like in our 3D printing image texture workmanship and our materials. This protective cover is not only wear-resistant, but also has a unique original design. The pattern reveals the innocence of childhood, with adult dreams and inspiration. The material experience is completely in line with modern ergonomic design, comfortable, soft, and comfortable. fit. Through customers, we learned that customers have used the GG-G01-Nintendo Switch protective case for more than 2 years without deformation, and it can still protect their Nintendo game consoles well.
Through the feedback from the above merchants, we can not only satisfy our customers, but also make the GG-G01-Nintendo Switch protective case more durable and wear-resistant than others, making it a better union. We use TPU as the raw material, with a 3D texture on the back. The printing map, these two materials have been optimized through screening and testing to be more wear-resistant and slip-resistant. The 3D printing map also added that it is not easy to fall off, anti-cut, not easy to deform, and can protect and reduce the damage to the game console when it falls. It can perfectly fit and protect the game console itself.


GG-G01-Nintendo Switch game console case

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Why choose us?

) Based on the original standard materials, make it more solid and wear-resistant.
) According to the ergonomic design, it is more suitable for use.
) You can fall asleep, lie down, sit, and play games without feeling the case loose and not fit.
) You can customize your logo and your favorite pattern on the protective case. (Customize your favorite and unique design patterns, when playing games with friends, you can always feel that your favorite things are accompanying you, fashion and unique personality)




Motherboard shell material:


Grip Shell Material:


Motherboard shell size: length * width * height (cm)


Grip shell size: length * width * height (cm)


Weight (kg):



3D printing, can customize the pattern you need

Custom MOQ:

200 per design

Packaging options:

Poly bag or custom retail box


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Does not taking off the shell affect my charging in the battery compartment?

GG-G01-Nintendo Switch protective case has been improved and improved according to the feedback and suggestions from customers. Mobile phones and computers need protective cases. Don’t you need protection for your expensive game console? Many customers have reported that the protective case they bought before made the game console unable to charge, and they needed to take off the protective cover to put it in the charging compartment normally. Taking off the protective case will inevitably cause bumps, scratches and falls, which is too expensive for the game console. Sometimes you want to quickly pick up your game console and put a protective cover on it. This process greatly increases Wear damage to consoles and protective cases. The GG-G01 protective case can be easily put into the charging compartment, unlike other protections, the GG-G01 protective case will not affect your normal fast charging process whether you are wearing a case, which greatly reduces your confusion and the hazard of wear and tear to the console.

According to the feedback and opinions of thousands of customers, it perfectly fits your game machine itself, so we have made a reasonable plan.

#So, this GG-G01-Nintendo Switch case solves four problems for you

1): It can protect your game console from falling and reduce damage

2): When your game console is out of power, you can quickly put it into the charging compartment to charge without taking off the shell. You don’t need to worry about not being able to charge with the protective case

GG-G01-Nintendo Switch protective case can protect your game console from being damaged by cutting flowers when you accidentally bump or scratch with sharp objects

3): The GG-G01-Nintendo Switch protective case fits your game console perfectly, reducing looseness, friction and slippage, and other bad experiences.

Unique pattern design, exquisite and meticulous workmanship, stronger material, more sophisticated production

 A good-looking, stylish and personalized protective case is indispensable for this part of the pattern, what do you think?

The meticulous pattern work can add color to the protective case. The designer of the GG-G01-Nintendo Switch protective case adopts the original design colorful elements, so that you can feel that you are in the same space as the scene in the pattern when you hold it in your hand.GG-G01-Nintendo Switch protective case adopts sophisticated and meticulous 3D printing process, when you are playing games, you can feel the texture of the pattern. Don’t worry if you take out your console while gaming or with friends and family and feel a little lack of experience and unique aesthetics.GG-G01-Nintendo Switch Protective Case Considering that you usually want to buy a protective case in the market with a favorite pattern and texture, we support you to customize this protective case with your favorite pattern and color. Let your imagination run wild and customize your favorite case to protect your console.

Convenient operation, ready to use

use and install the GG-G01-Nintendo Switch protective case. It is easy to put on your game console motherboard and handle, and it is easy to fit your game console when you take it on. We use TPU material, which is soft and easy to disassemble. It will make you feel difficult to install and remove, and it is comfortable and soft to use.

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Grandshine is a trusted company with an excellent quality management system. Grandshine factory has passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system and ISO14001:2015 environmental management system and BSCI social ethics factory audit. Whether it’s quality standards or customer service, we live up to our customers ‘ expectations.

During shipping, your order is securely packed and delivered with perfect care. We have experienced order operators ready to provide you with the latest shipping information and provide door-to-door shipping with the best tariffs and shipping costs. You just have to stay home and wait for your order to arrive and enjoy your life or travel. Our protective case accessories products have been showcased at events all over the world. Whether in the United States, Canada, Spain, Ghana, etc., you will find these protective case accessories in our local warehouses.

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