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Introducing to you our newest mobile power with this 50000mAh Power Bank – the perfect solution for all your charging needs! Our professional R&D team has crafted this product with the following features:

 Compatible with a wide range of devices: this is designed with USB ports*2, Type C ports*2. Support charging devices respectively: laptops, industrial tablets, cell phones, desk lamps, and many other devices to use. It can be used to charge multiple devices together at the same time.

 ADVANCED SAFETY FEATURES: Our mobile power supply is built-in with multiple smart chips and a powerful battery management system, which provides over-voltage, over-current, high temperature and short-circuit protection to ensure a safe and reliable charging experience.

 Accurate Battery Level Display: The screen displays the accurate battery level, allowing you to know the real-time power balance of the rechargeable battery in a timely manner, so that you have the ability to keep track of the charging capacity of the mobile power at all times.

HANDHELD LEATHER DESIGN: 50000mAh Power Bank is designed with a handheld pull strap on the exterior. Our R&D team and designer team stood on the user’s point of view to design and develop. It is very convenient for individuals, families to go out for party and picnic, out of office need to use the emergency power, lift the charging treasure and you can go.50000mAh Power Bank can bring you a comfortable experience in time.

 LIGHTING DESIGN: The designer team added lighting elements to the 50000mAh Power Bank, which makes the product itself more practical and multifunctional. It is good for your family to go out for dinner, and you need to use the emergency power to light up in the evening.50000mAh Power Bank can be recharged and lighted in one, which brings you a better using experience.

 Our mobile power is a must-have for people who are always on the go and need to stay connected. Its portability, durability and fast charging capabilities make it ideal for all your charging needs. With advanced safety features and a beautiful design, you can trust us to safely charge your devices wherever you go.

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