Grandshine GA1 Ipad Protective Case Cover

Grandshine GA1 is a ipad protective case cover designed by Grandshine, which is durable, wear-resistant, lightweight and multi-functional. GA1 ipad protective case cover designed with multi-functional folding leather cover for your daily use and ipad protection. A good solution to the tablet scratch problem.

You may have purchased the ipad case without the stylus pencil slot before. Magnets are too loose to fold into a stand, making it impossible for your tablet to stand up. When you put the case on your ipad, the ipad won’t fit the case because the wrapping size isn’t exactly designed. You might even get a wakeup sleep function that doesn’t work. The design was of poor pattern print workmanship and began to fall off. When your tablet falls and bumps, it doesn’t offer your ipad much protection at all.

GA1 ipad protective case cover is more durable than other protective shells, with more perfect workmanship design, fashion and generous and colorful elements. You can customize the pattern printing. The cooling texture covers the entire back of the ipad case, providing a good and fast cooling effect for the ipad. The leather cover we use is made of epoxy board, which is stronger and not easy to break,but paper leather is commonly used on the market instead. They can reduce a lot of costs and the price is cheap. But the holster is easily deformed and cracked and unstable. The Angle of GA1 folding cover can be adjusted to “60°” for standing and “30°” for lying down. We use high-quality soft and gentle TPU as the main material,PU leather,epoxy board, N52 magnet, high process 3D printing. The exquisite detail design fits perfectly to protect the ipad itself. Good technology, good workmanship, good materials to achieve the ipad protective case of excellence and beyond.

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Grandshine GA1 Ipad Protective Case Cover
)Why should you choose us?
)Premium quality for excellent ipad case
)Creative Design With skin soft material
)Wear-resistant, anti-slip, strong heat dissipation, multiple functions
)All ipad cases pass Rohs 2.0  Reach certificate



GA1 Ipad Protective Case Cover

Material: PU, TPU, N52 magnets, leather, microfibre
Motherboard shell size:


Stylus card slot size:


Cover size:


TPU Thickness:

0.142 in

Cover thickness:

0.1 in



Custom MOQ:

300 pcs per model to order

Packaging options:

poly bag or custom retail box


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Please see the product description below. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us by email or Whatsapp

Why Your Tablet Needs A Good Protective Case?

When it comes to ipad cases, you’d think you could just buy one. You may not realize that a good tablet case can avoid many unnecessary risks. A real case of a friend. That day she told me that she needed to buy a tablet computer after saving for two months and asked me to accompany her. We went to the mall’s flagship store, and the selection process followed. She is very interested in the new ipad pro…… Long story short. When we went to the coffee shop, I asked: How did you get such a simple protective case for your ipad pro? I saw a good quality pattern case in the store ,We’ll make do with it, she said. ‘We’ll buy a better one when this case breaks down.’ Then she placed the ipad pro on the narrow high table. But then she moved her hand back, and something unexpected happened. The ipad pro fell to the ground, the screen broke and the machine was dented in places. Not only did you break the screen, but you spent two months of your savings to buy a lesson. So I share this real case, and I believe you will also find a very important link: why do you want to make do with it, and then buy it when it goes bad? So you know why you need a good case to protect your tablet and other electronic devices. Granshine-GA1 protects your tablet from damage when a sharp object accidentally scratches it. GA1 workmanship material, cover fabric, the most important is wrapping. Providing timely protection to your expensive tablet will greatly reduce the damage in these real cases.

Grandshine Factory:A leading manufacturer of ipad protective cases

We always produce electronic device case accessories you are looking for. When you plan to design a case for your tablet, you can send us your 3D design drawings in CAD or stp format, we have a professional design team to draw a specific design for your electronic device case, then we will make a prototype for you to check the assembly and design review. if everything goes well, we will mass production and arrange logistics door to door shipping service. If you do not have 3D drawings, we have a professional design team to provide you with a solution. Contact us at Grandshine to design your electronic device protective case to protect your device and provide easy carrying capabilities.

What Are Benefits Of Grandshine GA1 Clear Tpu Ipad Case?

1)A safe place to put pencils
The GA1 has a secure pencil slot for the apple pencil, so you don’t have to find or lose the apply pencil or surface pencil. The right position of the magnetic suction stylus is also designed. A lot of customers have told us that they really like this design, which makes the stylus pencil and tablet integrated. This is a good way to solve their constant worry about losing or not being able to find the Apple pencil.

2)Slim But Sturdy
GA1 is designed to protect your ipad. The main material is made of soft TPU,epoxy board,pu leather, microfiber. Cushioning design is added to the four corners to protect your tablet from falling, which can greatly reduce the impact of the ipad pro and the ground. Light weight and easy to carry, don’t worry about going out to increase the weight. It can completely solve your worries about the inconvenience of wearing protective cover, poor quality, inaccurate hole location and other problems.

3)Perfect fitting, wakeup/sleep mode is very sharp
GA1 ipad pro protective case cover is produced and tested by our quality inspection department. The N52 magnetic suction has the function of sensitive awakening tablet sleep. When you do not need it, you can cover the case and automatically enter the sleep mode, which is a good solution for you to worry about the occurrence of miscontact on the cover.

4)Dense heat dissipation texture
Many customers give us feedback. The ipad pro case they bought before have many defects, poor heat dissipation, affecting the heat dissipation function of ipad pro. GA1 ipad pro protective case has been inspected by our quality inspection team with a high standard. GA1 ipad pro protective shell motherboard shell back is full of heat dissipation texture, precision, wear resistance, heat dissipation, fashion, simplicity, is a great improvement.

Alternative Patterns Option

Grandshine has variety, elements and patterns to choose from. We support you to customize your favorite pattern design. We use high-quality 3D printing process, the finished pattern has a sense of layering, the pattern is not easy to fall off. It is a good solution to customers’ requirements of customization, taste and ideas.

How To Custom Ultra Rugged Premium Case For Your Device

To Request a custom product from Grandshine, you must adhere to the following parameters. If youi want to print your logo or print pattern on products, please send us logo or pattern files, we can send you tendering before sampling. If you want to custom a new products, pls add custom product material: market area, sales channels,design idea, design drawing in CAD or STP or hand-draw sketch. MOQ must be honored . if you don’t have design drawing, pls share your sketch and design idea, our design team can hep you fullfill your design and custom mold for you and sign NDA .

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With over 500K pieces accessories being produced by Grandshine each month ,you can rely upon us to meet urgent requirements too. You also can custom your own design products in our factory.Our products are good and reliable quality as well. All has passed CE Rohs Reach FCC certificate. We also offer a warranty for a period of 2 year to build your faith in our company. You also can get after-sales service solution within 24hrs when you face any issues. So, get your hands upon to have your brand products now!

Grandshine is a trusted company with premium quality management system. Grandshine factory has passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system and ISO14001:2015 environment management system and BSCI social ethic factory audit. Whether it is the quality standard or customer services , we have always lived up to customers’ expectation.
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