GA4 Clear Tpu Ipad Case

The GA4 Clear Tpu Ipad Case is a protective case designed for your Ipad and other brand tablet devices. This tablet case is a new upgraded design based on thousands of user feedback suggestions.

Compared to other cases. GA4 Clear Tpu Ipad protective cases are upgraded to top quality materials, improved to strong wear resistance and creativity. The perfect size and precise access port design have been greatly improved and enhanced in all aspects.

You may have bought poor quality cases before, which will deform, yellow and not fit after a long time, cause these cases were made from poor quality materials. It can’t wrap your tablet completely after using it for a long time, and can’t give your tablet a safe protection when you drop it accidentally.

Grandshine-GA4 Clear Tpu Ipad Case is more sturdy than other products, the material be more adequate, outstanding workmanship details, more wear-resistant. We use high quality grade 4 anti-yellowing, anti-oxidation TPU as raw material, which can keep your ipad cases clearly without getting yellow for more than 2 years. With high precise mould, you will not feel any mold line on GA4 clear tpu ipad cases. GA4 Clear Tpu Ipad Case is a simply protective cases that can give your tablet a shock-absorbing protection and greatly reduces the damage to the tablet.


GA4 Clear Tpu Ipad Case

Why should you choose us?
) Grade 4 Anti yellow tpu raw material.
) Precise mould with perfect size fitting.
) Transparent color to show original color of ipad.
) Alternative Styles, custom pattern can be printed on cases.
) You can customize your favorite protective case accessories in Grandshine.



GA4 Clear Tpu Ipad Case

Fit to:

All ipad, ipad pro,ipad mini model is available

Anti-yellowing level:

Level 4, anti-oxidation





Custom MOQ:

300 pcs per model to order

Packaging options:

poly bag or custom retail box


Here’s all the information you care about about tablet cases
Please see the product description below. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us by email or Whatsapp

Why Your Tablet Needs A Good Protective Case?

You can take Grandshine-GA4 Clear Tpu Ipad Case anywhere. As your ipad will be used frequently in daily, the tablet will have inadvertent bump and friction inevitably. You really need a simple and durable case to protect your tablet with less wear and tear. With our customization service, you should be able to use this GA4 Clear Tpu Ipad Case as you wish and increase your productivity.

Grandshine Factory:A leading manufacturer of ipad protective cases

We always produce electronic device case accessories you are looking for. When you plan to design a case for your tablet, you can send us your 3D design drawings in CAD or stp format, we have a professional design team to draw a specific design for your electronic device case, then we will make a prototype for you to check the assembly and design review. if everything goes well, we will mass production and arrange logistics door to door shipping service. If you do not have 3D drawings, we have a professional design team to provide you with a solution. Contact us at Grandshine to design your electronic device protective case to protect your device and provide easy carrying capabilities.

What Are Benefits Of Grandshine GA4 Clear Tpu Ipad Case?

1)Slim & lightweight
You can carry your iPad with “0” burden, the fit is “99.9%”, thin at “1.60mm” and “0.1ft” without adding a lot of weight. GA4 clear tpu ipad case is great for protecting your iPad without adding a lot of weight. GA4 Clear Tpu Ipad tablet case is made for your tablet.The whole case is made of soft TPU material with 4 levels anti-yellowing, anti-oxidation, light weight and easy carry out. A good solution to your concern about permanent yellowing, bring the shell bulky carrying inconvenience.

2)Soft And Elastic, Easy To Put On and Take Off, Sturdy Enough
GA4 ipad cases are made of soft TPU, resilient, comfortable, not a hard plastic. This material is soft and gentle to the tablet, it is easy to put on and feels better in your hand. You can easily press the on/off and volume buttons and it fits like a glove. Adding protection to the tablet is exactly what we need to do for you.

3)Clear Transparent On The Back
Thanks to HD transparent back, you can reflect the original color of your tablet as well as protect your ipad from being scratch. You can also add color to the transparent case with your very good and creative ideas. For example, your favorite photo stickers, cards, etc. can be placed on the back, clear and transparent visible.

As mentioned above, high-definition transparent TPU material can reflect what you like to show on your cases. It’s friend to your ipad and easy to be installed. To keep best transparent solution, we have made a 4-stage anti-yellowing and anti-oxidation process for GA4 Clear Tpu Ipad Case. We have a customer who told us that he has owned this case for 2 years and has not yet to yellowing or oxidation. This totally solves the customers’ concern about buying a protective case that getting yellow.

5)Color Alternative
Grandshine designs cases in a variety of colors and styles for you to choose from, and you can also provide us with your favorite styles and options to customize your favorite products.

Grandshine offers tablet case design solutions from concept and idea to mass production. All of our tablet cases are sturdy and minimalist, and you can customize any style of tablet case from Grandshine with a low minimum order quantity.

How To Custom Ultra Rugged Premium Case For Your Device

To Request a custom product from Grandshine, you must adhere to the following parameters. If youi want to print your logo or print pattern on products, please send us logo or pattern files, we can send you tendering before sampling. If you want to custom a new products, pls add custom product material: market area, sales channels,design idea, design drawing in CAD or STP or hand-draw sketch. MOQ must be honored . if you don’t have design drawing, pls share your sketch and design idea, our design team can hep you fullfill your design and custom mold for you and sign NDA .

Place Your Order Now!

With over 500K pieces accessories being produced by Grandshine each month ,you can rely upon us to meet urgent requirements too. You also can custom your own design products in our factory.
Our products are good and reliable quality as well. All has passed CE Rohs Reach FCC certificate. We also offer a warranty for a period of 2 year to build your faith in our company. You also can get after-sales service solution within 24hrs when you face any issues. So, get your hands upon to have your brand products now!
Grandshine is a trusted company with premium quality management system. Grandshine factory has passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system and ISO14001:2015 environment management system and BSCI social ethic factory audit. Whether it is the quality standard or
customer services , we have always lived up to customers’ expectation.
While shipping, your order is safely packed and delivered with perfect care. We have experienced order operator to keep you update of shipping information and provide best tariff & shipping cost door to door shipping services. You just need to stay at home to wait for your order arrival and enjoy your life or travel. Our products have been showcased in events around the world. No matter in USA ,Canada,Spain,Ghana etc, you will spot these products in our local warehouse everywhere!
Email or Whatsapp +86 13823302586 or Call us now to get your own brand products order manufacture.Welcome to visit our factory in China and Vietnam whenever you come. Cheers for our cooperation.

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