GA8 Iphone 14 Pro Heavy Duty Phone Case

Grandshine GA8 is a military-grade heavy duty phone case that provides study protection for your iPhone14 pro, even in very tough conditions.

The structural design of GA8 iphone 14 pro heavy duty phone case is tough and firm like King Kong, with strong sense of impact. GA8 is made of high quality aviation aluminum alloy and silicone gel material. Soft silicone covers the whole phone itself, and a dense anti-fall and shock-absorbing honeycomb is designed around the sides. Provide 360° full range protection for your mobile phone.

GA8 iPhone14 pro heavy duty phone case is waterproof/dust-proof/fall proof, which has passed the German military standard test and obtained the German military certification. The front and rear protective shield is made of high quality aviation aluminum alloy, and the middle is made of silicone gel with cushioning effect. At the same time, we provide a 9H temperated glass protective film for your iPhone 14 pro to provide 360 degrees of comprehensive protection. We can help you design and customize various mobile phone accessories, as well as meet your needs and market demand, you just need to share with us your mobile phone 3D size and want to achieve the function and appearance design. Our design team will help you analyze the structure of the production and turn your idea into a physical product. Grandshine can not only manufacture the GA8 shell for you, but also customize and develop new designs for you. To get your own custom rugged protective shell accessories.


GA8 Iphone 14 Pro Heavy Duty Phone Case

Why Choose US ?
) 2 Years Warranty
) Leading production technology, multi-element creative style for you to choose
) When you encounter any problems, we respond to action 24 hours a day.
) a variety of protection accessories to choose. Suitable for handheld devices, computers and other electronic devices
) SO9001:2015 and ISO14004:2015 Quality system and BSCI Social Audit
) Low MOQ of 500 pieces, custom accessories for your equipment from Granshine

Specification parameters:


iphone11、iphone11 Pro、iphone11 Pro Max

iphone12、iphone12 Pro、iphone12 Pro Max

iphone13、iphone13 Pro、iphone13 Pro Max

Iphone14、iphone14 Pro、iphone14 Pro Max


Aluminum alloy + silicone

Front aluminum alloy weight.


Rear aluminum alloy weight:


Silicone weight:


Dimensions L*W*H.


Custom MOQ:

Order from 300 per model

Packaging options:

Polyethylene bags or custom retail boxes


Here Are All Information You Care About Product Development

Take a look at products description below. If you still have questions,feel free to contact us email or whatsApp.

Why should you use the GA8 rugged protective case?

GA8 iphone 14 pro heavy duty phone case passed the German military certification test standard. After the test of our customers, they said: I received your heavy duty phone case, I can’t wait to test it, the quality and design can stand the test. I really like your design. I remember taking it out for a bike ride the next day with my pocket zipper unzipped. The bike was going 50 MPH, there was a hole in the front, and the phone was knocked off the ground and rolled. As I went back to pick it up, I was thinking the screen had cracked. Later, I found that my phone was not broken, but the outer protective shell was rubbed, and the phone was perfectly protected inside.

Therefore, from the above case, we can find that the GA8 protective case can provide unparalleled security protection for your mobile phone. GA8 also solves 5 problems for you. 1) The weight of aluminum alloy before GA8 is “0.026kg”. After aluminum alloy weight “0.058kg”. Silica gel weight “0.071kg”. It solves your concern that the protective shell will not add a heavy burden and a heavy feeling to you. 2) The GA8 protective shell is equipped with honeycomb heat dissipation function, which will not affect or prevent your mobile phone heat dissipation. 3) The solid case will protect your phone in the GA8. 4) You can still use the charging function with the GA8 precise charging hole. 5) The silicone sleeve side is surrounded by a triangular shock absorption package, when your phone falls and the ground impact, can perfectly use the GA8 shock absorption function to protect your phone.

Grandshine factory is leading manufacturer of custom tablet / phone accessories.

We have been producing the electronic protective cases accessories for years. When you plan to design protective cases for your tablet and other electronic devices, you can send your 3D design drawings to us in CAD or STP format. We have a professional design team to draw a specific design for you, and then we will make a sample for you to check the assembly and design review. if all goes well and normal, we will mass produce and arrange logistics door-to-door transportation service. If you do not have 3D drawings, we have a professional design team to provide you with a solution. Please contact us Grandshine to design your electronic device protection accessory case to protect your device and provide easy portability.

 GA8 Iphone 14 Pro Heavy Duty Phone Case Advantage Benefits

1)Easy to install
The GA8 iphone 14 pro heavy duty phone case is easy to be installed. We give you the installation tool, a screw, a small package of screws. You only need to install the 6 screws on the protective housing and tighten them.

2)Very strong, very durable
The customer sent me a video to show it to me. She threw GA8 iphone 14 heavy duty phone case on the stone to test it. GA8 completely protected his phone. He told me about another time when his son was playing a game in the back of a Jeep. The son became so angry at the game that he threw his phone out of the window. The two cars behind him ran over his phone without damaging it. All in all, he said, it was a great purchase. So: GA8 strong strong anti fall is able to provide you with unimaginable protection.

3)Very beautiful, mechanical feel
GA8 appearance design like King Kong domineering. The obvious visual impact reflects the tough and solid atmosphere of GA8. GA8 protective shell is made of soft silicon gel + high quality aviation aluminum alloy material. This allows you to experience a mechanical hand feel and soft skin silicone. The smooth surface of the aluminum plate does not hurt hands.

3)Good heat dissipation
The silicone gel material is equipped with a dense honeycomb. Can give your mobile phone to play the role of heat dissipation, even if your mobile phone is intact GA8 wrapped in the inside, can also be very good for your mobile phone heat dissipation.

How To Custom Ultra Rugged Premium Case For Your Device

To Request a custom product from Grandshine, you must adhere to the following parameters. If youi want to print your logo or print pattern on products, please send us logo or pattern files, we can send you tendering before sampling. If you want to custom a new products, pls add custom product material: market area, sales channels,design idea, design drawing in CAD or STP or hand-draw sketch. MOQ must be honored . if you don’t have design drawing, pls share your sketch and design idea, our design team can hep you fullfill your design and custom mold for you and sign NDA .

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With over 500K pieces accessories being produced by Grandshine each month ,you can rely upon us to meet urgent requirements too. You also can custom your own design products in our factory.

Our products are good and reliable quality as well. All has passed CE Rohs Reach FCC certificate. We also offer a warranty for a period of 2 year to build your faith in our company. You also can get after-sales service solution within 24hrs when you face any issues. So, get your hands upon to have your brand products now!

Grandshine is a trusted company with premium quality management system. Grandshine factory has passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system and ISO14001:2015 environment management system and BSCI social ethic factory audit. Whether it is the quality standard or customer services , we have always lived up to customers’ expectation.
While shipping, your order is safely packed and delivered with perfect care. We have experienced order operator to keep you update of shipping information and provide best tariff & shipping cost door to door shipping services. You just need to stay at home to wait for your order arrival and enjoy your life or travel. Our products have been showcased in events around the world. No matter in USA ,Canada,Spain,Ghana etc, you will spot these products in our local warehouse everywhere!
Email or Whatsapp +86 13823302586 or Call us now to get your own brand products order manufacture.Welcome to visit our factory in China and Vietnam whenever you come. Cheers for our cooperation.

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