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  • custom iPad case moldcustom iPad case mold
    Custom Mould
    custom iPad case mold

    With over a decade of experience in the development and production of custom iPad cases, Grandshine is your go-to source for tailored tablet protection solutions. We specialize in crafting personalized iPad cases, Samsung tablet cases, Surface Pro cases, and more, catering to a diverse range of tablet models. Our product range includes TPU iPad cases, silicone cases, TPU+PC co-mold cases, iPad rugged cases, iPad leather cases, and various other tablet protective cases, ensuring that your devices remain shielded in style.

  • Custom Industry Mobility Device MoldingCustom Industry Mobility Device Molding
  • Custom Phone Case ManufactureCustom Phone Case Manufacture
  • Custom Molding Car PartsCustom Molding Car Parts
    Silicone Mould
    Custom Molding Car Parts

    Grandshine provide custom molding car parts, include injection molding automotive parts and metal alloy auto parts mould. Grandshine is a one stop manufacturer of car parts design and development. We have 20 years rich experienced engineer team. the material we selected covers TPU,ABS, PC, PP, PA, PMMA, POM, PE, Zinc, Stainless steel, aluminum and magnesium alloy etc. All technological process is available: plastic injection molding, hydraulic press, stamping, casting and forging. Grandshine is able to provide a full range of product development solutions to reduce your budget with good quality for special projects.

    Besides, Grandshine factory has pass ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 certificate and BSCI B overall level factory audit. Grandshine is your best supplier of custom molding car parts and other new products development. For custom plastic parts, pls visit:  , For custom metal alloy parts, pls visit: For PCB FPC development, pls visit:

  • Stainless Steel Metal Glove MoldStainless Steel Metal Glove Mold
    Die Casting Mould
    Stainless Steel Metal Glove Mold

    Are you looking for a reliable and efficient solution to produce PVC and nitrile gloves? Our customized stainless steel glove molds are the answer to your needs. With over 20 years of experience in mold production, our factory offers a mature production process and experienced engineering team, ensuring high-quality and consistent results. We are ISO9001:2015 and ISO4001:2015 certified, proving our commitment to quality and environmental standards.

    Metal glove molds, particularly those made from stainless steel, offer several advantages over ceramic glove molds. For one, metal glove molds have excellent thermal conductivity, meaning that they can be used to speed up the baking and curing process. With a metal mold, the baking and curing process can be completed in just two minutes, compared to six minutes with a ceramic mold. This increased efficiency means that metal glove molds can increase production capacity by up to three times that of ceramic molds. Additionally, the use of metal molds can result in energy savings, making them a more environmentally friendly option.

  • Insert injection molding serviceInsert injection molding service
    Plastic Injection Mould
    Insert Injection Molding Service

    Insert Molding is the process of securing the insert at proper location in the injection molding, then molding it with plastic. The molding is then wrapped in cooled and solidified plastic and buried tightly inside the plastic to produce a product with inserts, such as threads and electrodes. Plastic inlaid with metal, glass, wood, fiber, paper, rubber or formed plastic parts are called inserts, the most common inserts for metal.

    Where the injection part is required to include other parts that have already been machined, the use of inserts in the mold is the most reliable form, as this way the pre-machined part for fixation is completely wrapped in plastic. Usually we see the connection plug containing copper core, wrapped in plastic iron chip and so on are in this form. In the die casting mold, there is also the use of this form, such as the car driving wheel parts. When we require injection parts to contain two kinds of performance or color different materials to achieve special appearance or use requirements, we will also use the method of forming one of the materials first, and then put it into the injection mold of another material together. In fact, two-color or multi-color injection molding is basically the application of this principle. The first part of it is called a plastic insert.

    Grandshine provide oem odm insert injection molding service and manufacture all kind of insert molding products. Our engineer team is professional in insert molding and co molding, we can help you design mold structure in free. Welcome to visit our factory and work together for insert injection molding.

  • new product developmentnew product development
    Plastic Injection Mould
    Grandshine New Product Development Service

    Grandshine provide new product development services from product design and product prototype, product molding, mass production and products assembly.

    When you looking for a product development company to start your new products,you can externalize your design’s ideas and thoughts in simple line-work or hand-drawn or digital sketch to communicate the design direction. Any new ideas developed will be incorporated in during industry design process.

    This includes Industrial Design,mechanical product design and structure design and electronic design.We create effective Product experiences through design thinking base on market demand. The design includes complete structural design, Stack-up design, Tolerance analysis, and material selection, DFMEA, DFM and DFA. These design undergo refining stages and ideas be illustrated into 3D drawing or render presentations. We will invite you involve in every design process and finish final design result and product’s details.

    Grandshine provide oem odm product moulding service and mass production in own factory, you will not and never need to find many suppliers to cooperate together to make one new products development. Welcome to visit our factory and work together for insert injection molding.

  • over moldover mold
    Plastic Injection Mould
    Grandshine Injection Over Mold Service

    Grandshine has more than 20 yeas experience of over mold. We are China top 10 experts in over mold filed in China. All our over mold plastic parts have perfect performance and will not shutt-off and the joint of the two materials is very smooth.Our over mold plastics products were applied in United Airline service device,Samsung retail device and Square payment devices etc. Over mold is also called 2 times injection molding,it means to apply one material onto another material. Here two color pistol grip, utilizes TPU injected onto PC material.Two types material should form a bond and offer functional performance. Compared with the third-party material bonding, over mold process makes the process faster and more cost-effective, it has been widely employed in plastic design.

    Regarding over molding mold design,we must take shrinkage into consideration due to two different plastic materials.Two material both have their own injection gate and runner systems. And the wall thickness of over mold should be as uniform as possible in order to have the shortest cycle time. In the range from 0.7mm to 2mm will ensure very good bonding of two materials in most over molded applications. But if final part requires the use of thick, then they should be cored out to manimize shrinkage problem and to reduce the part weight and cycle time.

    Grandshine provide oem odm injection over mold co-mold service and manufacture all kind of co-mold products. Our engineer team can help you design mold structure in free. Welcome to visit our factory and work together for insert injection molding.

  • Custom Leather ProductsCustom Leather Products
    Custom Leather Products
    Grandshine Custom Leather Products

    Grandshine custom leather products manufacture service provide professional high quality leather design and sewing manufacture for your new products development.

    Grandshine has professional leather product sewing manufacture team. We have 20 years rich experience in custom leather products design and stitching manufacture. We provide manufacture solutions for various range of industries,include phone leather case, card holder, passport bag, tablet leather case, laptop sleeve, makeup bag, anti-radiation phone cases, anti-RFID tablet case, dog harness, dog collar, pet leads , pet walking bag and other related leather products. The material we selected covers PU leather, genuine leather, Nylon, cloth, neoprene etc. We support you to custom your leather material and print your pattern on your products. Grandshine is able to provide a full range of product development solutions to reduce your budget with good quality for special projects.

  • Fast PrototypeFast Prototype
    Fast Prototype
    Grandshine Fast Prototype Service

    Grandshine provide custom plastic injection mold, silicone mold, metal alloy die cast mold and mass production etc product development service. Before molding, we offer fast prototype service to ensure success of your new project.

    We carry out Prototyping during various phases of each project. Thus maximum possible efficient development is ensured. Rapid Prototyping involves getting mock-ups of the product. This is then reviewed evaluated and refined until the best quality product is achieved.

    Prototyping gives the opportunity to get a clear idea of aesthetics, beside allowing one to touch, feel, and get a sense of its strength and size. Prototypes are essential to understand the ergonomic aspects of the product.

    Grandshine is always support you fast prototype before mass production. And ensure your design is workable for mass production and save cost of project failure.

  • PCB
    Custom PCB/FPC
    Grandshine Custom PCB FPC Manufacture

    Grandshine is your great partner of new products development. We provide you molding, electronic design, mass production and final assembly service.

    Gifted with years experience in electronic design, our electronic design team enjoys an extensive knowledge in many fields of the electronics technology.such as consumer electronic design, retail scanning and payment electronic,smart home application electronic,wifi internet device electronic etc. Utilizing suitable tools and latest equipment and techniques, our highly experienced professionals cover all aspects of PCB engineering to provide our clients with physical layout that matches exactly with the schematic design..

    Our EE team provides effective PCB and FPC services to be utilized in the product assembly. We design any types of consumer electronic circuits and products base on customers’ specifications at reasonable costs. Grandshine EE team provides high-performance PCB/FPC schematics design layout and Gerber. We have the mastery in providing end to end solutions and SMT manufacture. Briefly, Grandshine is the one stop station for the entire PCB/FPC and products manufacture solution

  • Stamped parts 6Stamped parts 6
    Die Casting Mould
    Custom Die Casting Mold & Stamping Mold

    Grandshine custom die casting mold & stamping mold service provide professional OEM/ODM metal alloy parts manufacture and moulding for your new products development.
    You can have die casting mold, punching mold,silicone mold and plastic injection molds 4 different process mold manufacture from Grandshine. According to most of customers’ feedback, it’s hard for them to make one new products smoothly when their new products relate to silicone,plastic,metal alloy and pcb 4 kind of material at the same time. They need to talk with several suppliers with different parts, but big risk is they can not ensure all parts can go on well with each other in perfect size as they are from different companies. Grandshine can help you solve this issue, we have our own plastic injection mold workshop,own silicone mold workshop and partner with die casting and punching workshop, we ensure all parts will be perfect size to match each other.
    We have cooperated Die casting and punching mold factory who focusing on providing with all kind of Stamping alloy Parts,Steel Metal Parts and Sheet Metal Fabricating Service. The factory has Japan’s advanced CNC sheet metal processing equipment, professional silk screen equipment and independent painting workshops and other professional equipment and facilities.Our product quality has been recognized by customers, which has formed a good reputation in the industry.

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