Die Casting Mould

  • Stainless Steel Metal Glove MoldStainless Steel Metal Glove Mold
    Die Casting Mould
    Stainless Steel Metal Glove Mold

    Are you looking for a reliable and efficient solution to produce PVC and nitrile gloves? Our customized stainless steel glove molds are the answer to your needs. With over 20 years of experience in mold production, our factory offers a mature production process and experienced engineering team, ensuring high-quality and consistent results. We are ISO9001:2015 and ISO4001:2015 certified, proving our commitment to quality and environmental standards.

    Metal glove molds, particularly those made from stainless steel, offer several advantages over ceramic glove molds. For one, metal glove molds have excellent thermal conductivity, meaning that they can be used to speed up the baking and curing process. With a metal mold, the baking and curing process can be completed in just two minutes, compared to six minutes with a ceramic mold. This increased efficiency means that metal glove molds can increase production capacity by up to three times that of ceramic molds. Additionally, the use of metal molds can result in energy savings, making them a more environmentally friendly option.

  • Stamped parts 6Stamped parts 6
    Die Casting Mould
    Custom Die Casting Mold & Stamping Mold

    Grandshine custom die casting mold & stamping mold service provide professional OEM/ODM metal alloy parts manufacture and moulding for your new products development.
    You can have die casting mold, punching mold,silicone mold and plastic injection molds 4 different process mold manufacture from Grandshine. According to most of customers’ feedback, it’s hard for them to make one new products smoothly when their new products relate to silicone,plastic,metal alloy and pcb 4 kind of material at the same time. They need to talk with several suppliers with different parts, but big risk is they can not ensure all parts can go on well with each other in perfect size as they are from different companies. Grandshine can help you solve this issue, we have our own plastic injection mold workshop,own silicone mold workshop and partner with die casting and punching workshop, we ensure all parts will be perfect size to match each other.
    We have cooperated Die casting and punching mold factory who focusing on providing with all kind of Stamping alloy Parts,Steel Metal Parts and Sheet Metal Fabricating Service. The factory has Japan’s advanced CNC sheet metal processing equipment, professional silk screen equipment and independent painting workshops and other professional equipment and facilities.Our product quality has been recognized by customers, which has formed a good reputation in the industry.

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